Spring forward.

Here in Indiana, we should already be seeing glimpses of spring by now, but alas… This winter has been especially cold and snowy, so we are all anxiously awaiting warmer weather. I typically schedule my ewes to lamb when the grass will be ready to graze, so they should start to arrive in mid-April. While we await their arrival, I posted a video of the lambs from last year. Nothing brings warmth and cheer quite like bouncing, joyful lambs—enjoy!

For more smiling lamb pictures, check out this post. 


2 thoughts on “Spring forward.

  1. Kate: We got your beautiful fiber at our Fort Wayne Flax and Fleecers’ Guild meeting this past week. We decided we were going to use one fleece and spin it in the grease…and yours is the one that got picked. It is so beautifully clean that just a few flicks with the flick carder and it is ready to spin. I am anxious to hear the feedback from other group members. This is a rather new experience for a lot of our spinners. Will keep you posted. Missed you at Portland last weekend. Take care. I see (maybe) glimpses that Spring just might show up. Betty Barry

    1. Betty!
      I’m so happy to hear that you liked the fleece. I’m sure your guild members will put it to good use. Missed seeing you at Portland this year, too! I’ll hope to bump into you sometime soon.

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