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While it has been very quiet here, I’ve been busy writing for the Interweave.com blog each week.

I posted some of my favorite fiber-prep posts here, but I also wanted to post some of my favorite tutorials. These stories have been fun to write—I hope they are useful to you!

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Larson_Kate_RR_image_55_1Beaded Chain-Plied Yarn… Give It a Try!
“Do you love beads but go pale at the idea of pre-stringing? Me, too, so I love my way of adding beads in chain-plied yarn. I thought you might like to learn, too! So grab some singles, a tiny crochet hook, and some beads.” …more.

Larson_Kate_RR_image_41_1A Predrafting Alternative for Spinning Fiber
“Some spinners swear by predrafting spinning fiber, or gently pulling fibers a short distance forward out of a combed top or roving prior to spinning. Whether you normally predraft or not, some fibers call for a hybrid method to loosen without actual drafting.” …more.

Larson_Kate_RR_image_35_1Bobbin Winder How-To: Tools and Tips
“This method helps me store an entire project’s worth of singles before plying. What’s more, I prefer plying from lightweight plastic or cardboard bobbins. Here are three ways I wind and what I use.” …more. (And another on why to rewind your bobbins.)

Larson_Kate_RR_image_44_1From Spinning Inspiration to Skein in 3 Easy Steps
Do you keep a spinner’s notebook or journal? Most of us keep notes of some kind, but it can still be a challenge to capture our spinning inspiration and thoughts in a way that can be put on paper. …more.

A Traveler’s Spinning Inspiration: My Handspun Yarn Journal
Traveling is a fount of spinner’s inspiration, but capturing our inspirations is often tricky. How can a mesa be transformed into a hank of handspun? My favorite tool is my spinner’s notebook, a sort of handspun yarn journal. …more.


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