Gifts of Springtime.

The last few weeks of my life have been full of bouncing, baby lambs. Here are a few of my favourite pictures so far:

Lambs_2 5_12_13
The lambs are about a week old and went out to pasture for the first time today. What an adventure! Here are Izzy’s twins, Erlend and Kristin.
Lambs_3 5_12_13
I’m not sure what is happening here, but I loved the picture!
Lambs_5 5_12_13
Tess is enjoying her first crack at motherhood. She has done very well!
Lambs_6 5_12_13
After all of the ewes and lambs had gone into the barn for the evening, I found this little one fast asleep in the grass. It was a very long day.
Lambs_1 5_12_13
New friends.

9 thoughts on “Gifts of Springtime.

  1. Oh, Kate! They are SO CUTE! I don’t know how you can ever stand to leave home again:)

  2. These pictures are so full of joy. These lambs are so lucky…they are evidently loved very much.

  3. These pictures are so cute, it almost makes me want to become a shepherd! but I think I’ll just keep buying fleece, instead.

  4. Kate, what a beautiful life you have! I think these sheep are very lucky to have you as their human!

  5. I had to laugh when I saw your twin baby lambs names. I am rereading Kristin Lavransdatter with a later translation. My mom was Norwegian and I spin, knit, and cook lots of Norwegian food.

    1. Ah! And are you enjoying the new translation? I wanted to read the original English translation first. I’m looking forward to reading the newer version soon.

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