Counting Sheep

Spring has sprung—and the lambs are bouncing! I have spent much of the last few weeks in the barn. I’ll still spend (too) much of my time with the sheep in the next month—not as a vigilant midwife, but for the sheer pleasure of watching the lambs grow and learn and play.

Jane has done well in her first few weeks of motherhood.
Jane has done well in her first few weeks of motherhood.

There always seems to be one or two lambs in every bunch that loves to strike a charming pose for the camera—Retty is the girl of the year. You can see her here on the left. Marian isn’t more than a few minutes older, but likes to fuss over her smallish sister.

Tess had beautiful twins again this year—meet Retty (left) and Marian.
Retty again—I can’t get enough of this girl!

5 thoughts on “Counting Sheep

  1. Thanks for sharing your WONDERFUL lambs! I wlil look at this post again and again and again!

    1. Hi Tom! I’m glad you found the post and liked the pictures. I was sorry to miss seeing you in April–maybe next time.
      Happy Spring!

  2. Kate, I attended one of your webinars on Dorset buttons and somehow started looking at your bio and got to this blog. I seem to remember you are in Indiana somewhere. I’m in Bowling Green Kentucky. I’m a simple spinner and have two Romney sheep boarding in Wisconsin with my brother in law and sis in law. Your post with all the lambs warms my heart. Do you have visitors to your place?i would love to come see your kids

    1. Hi Betty,
      I’m glad that you found me here! I’m located about an hour north of Indianapolis. Romneys are great–isn’t it wonderful to spin wool from sheep you know and love?
      Happy spinning!

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