A Lamb-Filled Life

It’s that time of year! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you will have seen a few pictures of my little guys already. Lambing season started early, before I could return from a busy month on the road. In March, I taught workshops in Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, and Colorado (phew!). I had a wonderful month with new and long-time spinner friends. Thank you for a fabulous month! While I was still in Colorado for Interweave Yarn Fest, a huge storm rolled across Indiana and the lambs started arriving—about two weeks early!

Fina doing a fine job with twin buck lambs.

With the last ewe now in the lambing jug (a small, safe pen for new mothers and lambs), the flock of bouncing lambs and hungry mamas are headed to pasture. Because I use rotational grazing methods where the size and shape of the pasture changes almost daily, the lambs need a bit of time to learn about the wider world. I have a very safe pasture outside the barn that they explore first, learning to venture farther and farther from their mothers. Next, they use the safe (but inconvenient) gateway to the main pasture you see below. In a few days, these smart little Leicesters will be pasture graduates. Fingers crossed for a good grass-growing season!

Why I never the leave the barn…

Of course, there are always a few that turn up in front of the camera more often than the others… Here is little Sasha.