Adventures in Video

On set. Photo: Jill Brooke.

How I love new fiber adventures! The last week of January, I once again packed my bags with wool and headed to Interweave in Fort Collins, Colorado. Up to that point, I had sat in several spinning photo shoots, but had never been filmed. And I was about to film three different videos in two days’ time. From having a professional make-up artist to reading from a teleprompter, it was all new—and so much fun!

The video team at Interweave made it so easy to just jump right into using a three-camera set-up. They put me at ease and truly helped me to do my very best. What a relief it was to get past the initial jitters and just enjoy the process. It’s all about sharing the wool-love in the end!

Two videos have now been released. Here’s the scoop:

knitting video coverHow to Spin Yarn to Knit with Kate Larson (Interweave, 2016)

Join handspinner Kate Larson and learn how to create stunning yarns for your knitting projects. From spinning fine knitted lace to comfy socks that last, you’ll learn how to create incredible skeins with careful consideration for strength, roundness, feel, drape, and consistency. Learn why it’s important to approach spinning for knitting differently than spinning for weaving or embroidery. Kate will guide you through the process of choosing fiber, yarn design, and finishing your handspun yarns. As a bonus, check out Kate’s personal spinning notebook that catalogs travel and inspiration, yarn design, fiber preparation, and more. Make your own and you’ll have an artful journal as well as a perfect record of all your fiber journeys. Read a review from Elizabeth Prose.

Purchase on Kate’s webshop as a DVD or as a video download.

Beginning video coverBeginning Spinning on a Wheel with Kate Larson (Interweave, 2016)

If you’re intrigued by handspun yarn and are wondering how to use a spinning wheel, this video is the perfect introduction. Join expert instructor Kate Larson and master the basics of spinning yarn on a wheel. You’ll learn how handspinning allows you to create specific yarns you want—fuzzy to smooth, bulky to very fine, and as colorful as your imagination.

Kate explains how and why twist holds yarn together and what types of fibers work best for beginners. Take a look at different types of spinning wheels and learn how they work. With Kate’s guidance, you’ll learn how to spin yarn you’ve always dreamed of and master how to use a spinning wheel. Beginning with prepared fiber for instant gratification, you’ll learn to spin singles, ply for balanced yarns, and finish your yarns for durable, even, and spectacular results. Kate also shares her tips and techniques for troubleshooting if you run into a problem.

Purchase on Kate’s webshop as a DVD or as a video download.


Finishing Up: How to wash, block, dry, and finish handspun yarns with Kate Larson (Interweave, 2016)

You have a full bobbin of yarn on your spinning wheel, but you’re not done yet! Join handspinning instructor Kate Larson and learn the best ways to finish your handspun yarn. Kate shows you how to improve durability and structure, add loft, and increase stability in your handspun yarns, just by changing your finishing technique. Whether you’re creating yarn for use in knitting, weaving, embroidery, or simply display, your yarn deserves to be finished properly for best effect.

Purchase on Kate’s webshop as a DVD or as a video download.


Many thanks to videographer Garrett for being patient yet straight-forward; Lindsay, my instructional designer, for calmly helping me to resolve sticking-points and build the video I envisioned; Anne for extra encouragement; Keegan for my first experience with faux eyelashes; and Jill for getting me where I needed to go, smoothing my path, and being great fun.