Yarn and Yoga in Montana – Join me!

Is spinning your time to relax?
Does weaving give you a much needed creative outlet?
Do you own a t-shirt that says, “I knit so I don’t kill people”?

For most of us, our fiber work has come to play an important role in our lives.

Feeling overtwisted? Find your balance in Montana!

Describing exactly how I feel when I spin has always been difficult for me. The workday tension lifts, but I’m not relaxed, exactly. Someone important to me just put her finger on it: “This isn’t relaxation; it’s awakening.” Fiber work helps me move into a deeper awareness and awakening. Tapping into this creative, fearless self helps me put life’s stresses into context and be more present. With these things in mind, my friend Mary and I are launching a new event:


For me, yoga is another way to find this awareness. I spend so much time trapped in my head, thinking, planning, organizing… It’s good to find ways to engage our whole selves, and both yoga and fiber arts are great ways to go about it. For this event, I’m partnering with yoga instructor Kelly Baraby, a well-known teacher based in Helena, Montana. (I’ll tell you more about Kelly soon!)

There are details about this new retreat on the Yarn and Yoga at the Hot Springs website. Here is what I envision for this wonderful weekend away:

Explore a National Historic Site. The fully-restored Boulder Hot Springs Inn is the perfect space to get away. In addition to the inn, hot spring plunges, pool, and gathering spaces, the grounds are adjacent to the Deerlodge National Forest. We added free time to the schedule so everyone could choose how to make the most of this beautiful place. After class, you can continue working at your wheel, grab your spindle and go for a hike, or take a dip in the plunge. Location FAQ.

Classes that help you stretch. I’ve designed a group of fiber arts classes that can accommodate many skill levels and interests. Are you an accomplished wheel spinner but want to expand your experience with spindle or charkha? Are you a beginning spinner looking to master different drafting styles such as woolen and worsted? The point of these classes is to meet you where you are and challenge you to try something new, and Kelly’s yoga classes are just the same. Kate and Kelly will help you gently stretch your mind and body! Fiber arts FAQ and yoga FAQ (coming soon).

Good cheer! I love to spend time with fiber folks and will be accessible throughout the retreat. It’s important to me to set a welcoming and inclusive tone in all of my workshops. Coming to retreat alone? You’ll leave with a pack of new fibery friends.

We would love to have you join us in Montana this fall! Visit Mindfulspin.com for more info.

Send an email to info@mindfulspin.com to join our mailing list.

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The Boulder Hot Springs Inn is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. Learn more. Photo: Joyce Marshall.



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