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Books have a life of their own. The book I carefully crafted (The Practical Spinner’s Guide: Wool Interweave, 2015) is out in the world in the hands of people I have never met, in places I have never been. Isn’t that amazing? I just sent a signed copy to my friend Anett in Budapest, Hungary, and I love to think of the journey my little package will make.

Today, I saw that PSGW was reviewed in the most recent issue of (Read the review here.) It’s not only exciting to be included in Knitty’s Cool Stuff column, but the fabulous review took my breath away! I also discovered that Rebecca Mezoff, a tapestry weaver I admire greatly (check out her online courses!), included PSGW in her holiday must-haves post. Thank you Knitty and Rebecca, and everyone who has left a review online!

This Saturday, December 12th, I’ll be signing books at the Little Shop of Spinning in Fort Wayne, Indiana, from 1-3 p.m. Join us for an afternoon of spinning, knitting, shopping, and merry-making!

If you are interested in ordering a signed copy directly from me, just send an email to More info on my contact page.


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  1. Kate, I can’t wait for that book to get here to Hungary. And yes, the wonders of the Internet, that makes possible friendships like ours.

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