Ode to the Swatch

Swatch (swäch) = a sample piece or a collection of samples. (M-W)   For many knitters, acquiring a deep affection for the act of swatching can take some time. While we intellectually understand that our efforts are less likely to be fraught with false starts and needle changes if we take the time to make … More Ode to the Swatch

Inspired by Bohus Stickning

  Exciting news! Judith MacKenzie and I will be offering a workshop at The Tradingpost in Pendleton, Indiana on April 26-28th, 2013. I am really looking forward to it! If you have any questions about the workshop, email me at katelarsontextiles@gmail.com. To register for the workshop, see Susan Markle’s contact info at the end of … More Inspired by Bohus Stickning

November Workshops

The Fort Wayne Flax and Fleecers Spinning Guild has invited me to teach two spinning workshops in Fort Wayne, IN, this November: Sweet Feet: Spinning for Socks Nov 16th 9am-4pm Spinning Woolen or Worsted? Nov 17th 9am-4pm The workshops will be held at the Swinney Homestead in Fort Wayne. Details Here.