On the Nature of Workbaskets

I adore works in progress—especially of the textile variety. Bits of half-embroidered cloth poking out of a workbasket or unblocked lace laid aside in a knitting bag have so much potential. They have always seemed wonderful to me, lying in their suspended state waiting for the maker’s return.This love of unfinished work is something that I’ve … More On the Nature of Workbaskets

Estonian Island Weekend with Nancy Bush and Kate Larson

When I visited Estonia several years ago, I fell head over heels in love with the embroidered textiles I saw in museums and private collections. Estonian embroidery can be found on woven fabrics like linen shirt collars and cuffs, fulled woolen coverlets, and aprons. Other examples adorn knitted pieces, such as mittens, gloves, and the button bands on fitted … More Estonian Island Weekend with Nancy Bush and Kate Larson

Ode to the Swatch

Swatch (swäch) = a sample piece or a collection of samples. (M-W)   For many knitters, acquiring a deep affection for the act of swatching can take some time. While we intellectually understand that our efforts are less likely to be fraught with false starts and needle changes if we take the time to make … More Ode to the Swatch

Handspun Estonian Lace

Well, it is finally finished! Two years ago, I purchased a beautiful bag of Border Leicester/Cormo crossbred locks from Denise Curtis at Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival. Denise told me that this intriguing fleece came from a ram named Billy. Crossing different breeds of sheep, a luster longwool like Border Leicester and a fine wool like Cormo in … More Handspun Estonian Lace