Classes in Indiana

Kate hosts spinning and knitting gatherings several Saturdays each month at the Trading Post in Pendleton. If you have questions about the session topics, skill level, or want to receive Kate’s monthly newsletter, contact

Trading Post – Spinning and Knitting

$15 for each two-hour session. This is a very casual, open-format gathering and you should feel free to bring questions and your knitting, spindle, or wheel. If you have something specific you would like to learn or you are new to the group, just send me an email. Each session will have a topic for discussion. The morning classes tend to focus on spinning and the afternoon classes focus on knitting.


Dec 1 No classes.

Dec 8 10-noon – Handspun Yarns for Knitted Gloves with Kate
1-3pm – Cast-Ons for Glove Cuffs We will try a few cast-ons, discuss why you may or may not want stretchy cuffs, and dive into needle-size conversations! Bring sets of 5 DPNs or long circular needles for magic loop in US size 0 and 3. Yarn will be provided.

Dec 15 10am – 3pm Silk Day! with Nelly We’ll reel silk from cocoons; make, dye, and spin a mawata (hankie); make silk fusion (silk paper), spin some silk top; and talk about EVERYTHING to do with silk!!!

Dec 22 10-noon – Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) Beyond Combed Top with Nelly We usually encounter this fiber as top when we first start spinning. What is it like when it comes off the sheep? Breed study.
1-3pm – Open spinning and knitting. Come hang out and spin or knit or just breathe!

Dec 29 10-noon – Spinning Paper with Kate Save some of your holiday tissue paper and wrapping papers to upcycle!
1-3pm – Gloves: Fingers to Cuff! After discussion at the shop, we’ve decided to explore knitted gloves. Bring a ball of sock yarn or purchase some at the shop, a set of DPNs in US size 1 or 2, and spend the afternoon knitting with us.

Jan 5 10-noon – Goats! with Nelly Cashmere, angora, and more! Explore ways to use this fiber.
1-3pm – Open spinning and knitting. Come hang out and spin or knit!

Jan 12 10-noon – Beginning knitting with Nelly Ready to learn to knit? Or is there a project you want to make but need some moral support? The New Year is the right time to start something new! I’ll have some needles and yarn to practice with, but feel free to bring your own. If you have a specific project in mind, please bring the pattern along.
1-3pm – Open spinning and knitting. Come hang out and spin or knit!

Jan 19 No classes.

Jan 26 10-noon – Spinning for Stitching with Kate
1-3pm – Free-Form Stitching Bring a few scraps of fabric or choose some from Kate’s pile of thrift fabrics. We will make some small swatches or you can jump into a simple project bag design. To learn more about this kind of stitching, look online for boro and kantha fabrics.


3 thoughts on “Classes in Indiana

  1. I will be coming to trading post tomorrow. Bringing my wheel and need to learn how to spin the fiber. I already can ply but just can’t figure how to start spinning the fiber. Have been using a drop spindle up to now. But now I have a wheel I need the figure out how to spin on it. Thanks, see you there! Lee

    1. Hi Susan,
      I’m not offering classes for beginners only right now. Our group is so diverse and everyone wants to join in on Saturdays! You are welcome to join us any Saturday that classes are being held and I’ll be happy to teach you to spin on a spindle or wheel. As you can see here, classes typically run from 10-noon and 1-3pm ($15 each session).
      This Saturday will be an natural dyeing class, so that would be the only one I would suggest not joining to learn to spin. You’re welcome to join us for dyeing, but I’ll be running around the dyepots. You will get more attention from me on a different Saturday. : )
      Our Saturday group is so welcoming and helpful. We would love to have you join us! If you have further questions email me at

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