Classes in Indiana

Kate hosts spinning and knitting gatherings several Saturdays each month at the Trading Post in Pendleton. If you have questions about the session topics, skill level, or want to receive Kate’s monthly newsletter, contact

Trading Post – Spinning and Knitting with Kate

$15 for each two-hour session. This is a very casual, open-format gathering and you should feel free to bring questions and your knitting, spindle, or wheel. If you have something specific you would like to learn or you are new to the group, just send me an email. Each session will have a topic for discussion. The morning classes tend to focus on spinning and the afternoon classes focus on knitting.

March 3  10am-noon – Silk Hankies.
1-3pm – Spinning and Knitting Clinic. Need some help? Join us!

March 10  No classes. Jay County Fiber Fest!

March 17  No classes. Kate will be teaching in Madison, WI.

March 24  10-noon – Spinning Polypay Wool.
1-3pm – Spinning and Knitting Clinic.

March 31  10-noon – Cabled Yarns with Texture.
1-3pm – Knit Fix Workshop 1. (See below.)

April 7   Cotton Spinning Day! Charkhas, tahklis, wheels are welcome!

April 14  No classes. Kate will be teaching at Interweave Yarn Fest in Colorado.

April 21  10-noon – Spinning Wool/Linen Blends.
1-3pm – Knit Fix Workshop 2. (See below.)

April 28  No classes. Kate will be teaching in California.

Knit Fix Workshops

March 31 1-3pm and April 21 1-3pm.
Several of our Saturday knitting friends at the Trading Post discussed the types of knitting fixes they wished to learn or perfect. So, we will do just that!

  • On March 31, we will identify and correct dropped, added, and slipped stitches in both garter and stockinette, remove or add twisted stitches, basic and advanced tinking.
  • On April 21, we will fix mistakes in both lace and cable patterns.

Sign up for these sessions in advance and Kate will send a pattern for a homework swatch to be knit before class.

One thought on “Classes in Indiana

  1. I will be coming to trading post tomorrow. Bringing my wheel and need to learn how to spin the fiber. I already can ply but just can’t figure how to start spinning the fiber. Have been using a drop spindle up to now. But now I have a wheel I need the figure out how to spin on it. Thanks, see you there! Lee

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