A Lamb-Filled Life

It’s that time of year! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you will have seen a few pictures of my little guys already. Lambing season started early, before I could return from a busy month on the road. In March, I taught workshops in Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, and Colorado (phew!). I had … More A Lamb-Filled Life

Counting Sheep

Spring has sprung—and the lambs are bouncing! I have spent much of the last few weeks in the barn. I’ll still spend (too) much of my time with the sheep in the next month—not as a vigilant midwife, but for the sheer pleasure of watching the lambs grow and learn and play. There always seems … More Counting Sheep

Spring forward.

Here in Indiana, we should already be seeing glimpses of spring by now, but alas… This winter has been especially cold and snowy, so we are all anxiously awaiting warmer weather. I typically schedule my ewes to lamb when the grass will be ready to graze, so they should start to arrive in mid-April. While … More Spring forward.